Rosebowl round 1

This seasons Rosebowl competition is under way and SPPC's first round was against Park Street, Leighton Buzzard and Windsor last Monday evening. I am delighted to report that we came top on the evening with 4 of the 7 images scoring 20 coming from our members. Rojer Weightmans "Museum Main Hall" was also rated as one of the two star images of the evening. What was particularly pleasing was that a number of the images that were received well came from our intermediate members. Congratulations to everyone. As a club we are also looking forward to this Tuesdays presentation by Eva Zielinska-Millar who is the senior photographer at the Royal Collection Trust and delighted to say the Eva is donating her fee for the evening to The Hearing Dogs charity that the club supports. Finally our Internal Comp sec would like to remind all members that submitted images for projection MUST adhere to the rules, failure to follow the rules, especially sizing will result in images being withheld from the competition. Whilst we do appreciate that this seems harsh, especially when you have gone to so much effort in creating the shots in the first place, we do ask that members appreciate how much time is involved in "correcting" wrongly submitted images.

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