D is for . . .

We know that you have all by now been busy taking shots for the forthcoming seasons competitions, the set subject list is on the Programme page, but don't forget that the first competition of the season, as always, is for the Edith Ward trophy. This is the Alphabet competition and this year we have reached the letter D, so whilst we are sure your DAUGHTER will be DELIGHTED when you offer to take her DOG for a walk to see the DUCKS, take a little time and see if you can not only come up with something DIFFERENT, but also an image that you can use in one of the other competitions later in the season. And don't forget that the poor judge really wants to see an obvious link to the letter D - DAVE DOING the DISHES may be a rare event, but may not really cut it with the judge.

So was the first think you thought of when you saw the shot above Ballet Dancer or Dancer?

If it was the first, even though it is a lovely shot and her name might be DIANE could you blame the judge for knocking marks off because it just didn't fit the competition as well as . . .

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